The Nethercutt Collection & Museum [Video]

(Sylmar, CA) For those already ‘in the know’, the Nethercutt Collection and Museum is a world-class automotive collection with hundreds of historical cars. Of course if you are a car enthusiast and haven’t heard of the Nethercutt, you might wonder why you haven’t before now.

While our focus is obviously on classic automobiles, the Nethercutt also includes a world-class collection of vintage mechanical instruments including phonographs, grand pianos, European orchestrions, Nickelodeons and a Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. Lets not forget the antique furniture, clocks and watches, automobile mascots and hood ornaments. And with all the award winning cars – they have a nice collection of trophies as well.

The Nethercutt’s theme is ‘functional fine art’.
Skip Marketti, Chief Curator, The Nethercutt Collection

Skip Marketti, Chief Curator, The Nethercutt Collection

The collection’s most famous and rare cars are staged in the The Grand Salon which is designed to look like early car showrooms of the 1920’s and 1930’s. It is there where we interviewed Chief Curator Skip Marketti.

Once you decide to visit we suggest you sign up for the tour then plan to stroll through the museum. The tour will reveal some unexpected surprises, the cars are beautiful, and the automated musical instruments are awe inspiring.

Rare, historic, everything works and more than likely you’ll be amazed by the artifacts you will encounter.

For more info visit The Nethercutt Collection.



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