Jaguar XK140 Legendary Styling and Performance

Jaguar XK140 Legendary Styling and Performance

Who among vintage auto aficionados cannot agree that the XK120, and its successor the XK140, have breathtaking curb appeal?  Add that to Jaguar’s supremacy at LeMan’s in 1951, and again in 1953, and these flagship models quickly garnered acclaim driving Jaguar’s reputation to new heights for performance and styling.

Jaguar XK140 owned by Melissa and Kent Hussey

Melissa & Kent Hussey

“Just look at it.  It speaks for itself.  I think the XK140, with the boat windshield, the classic lines, and the car in black with the dark red interior, is a work of art,” exclaims collector Kent Hussey.  All beauty aside, “It pulls, I mean its really a pleasure to drive, it’s really a great road car.”

This Jaguar was really for his wife Melissa. “It was my turn,” she states with a grin.  “We are both into cars and I have a bunch of Corvette race cars so this was kind of like payback time.”

“It’s really a great road car.” – Kent Hussey

This XK140 was originally owned by an Air Force pilot in Birmingham, Alabama who drove it for several years.

“Enjoyed fairly thoroughly we understand.  Four or five years later, a second owner enjoyed it and eventually parked it,” adds Kent. Nearly thirty years later it was rediscovered.  In 2010 the XK140 found its way to another owner to complete the restoration, which is when Hussey’s received a call from a friend to go see it.  “We went to look at it and she fell in love with it.”

Showing the car at the 2014 Amelia Concours, Melissa and Kent’s Jaguar XK140 MC/SE took home an Amelia Award.  You can see them, and the Jaguar, this fall at the 2014 Hilton Head Island Concours which is featuring Jaguar as their honored marque.


Story by Guy Smith
Photo credits:  Matthew Emmer

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