Film Festival Favorite ‘THE RED GRIFO’ Launches Online



Their names are legendary among automotive enthusiasts. Giotto Bizzarrini. Giorgetto Giugiaro. The stamp they put on the auto industry is indelible, a legacy woven in stylish lines and pure performance. Thanks to Renzo Rivolta their signature styles came together in one shining moment when the famed Iso Grifo was born.

Now available to stream online, “The Red Grifo” is a documentary film tracing the unique lineage of one of these rare cars and the family who has worked to preserve it. From its origins in a small family-based car company in Bresso, Italy to the impact it had on the life of owner Darren Frank, filmmaker Guy Smith weaves a story that shows the art and beauty behind the automobile.

“What Guy has created is more than just a story about an obscure Italian sports car and my familial connection to it. He has successfully captured the essence of my passion for this automobile, and for all that it has represented to my family over the past half century,” said Frank.

“The Red Grifo” makes its streaming debut after a slate of festival appearances, including the London Motor Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Beaufort International Film Festival, Amelia Motoring Film Exhibition, and the Rendezvous Film Festival. Accenting Smith’s breathtaking visuals and artfully crafted sequences is a stirring score by composer Scott Hampton.

“Being able to capture this beautiful piece of automotive history on film was rewarding in itself,” said Smith. “But what really resonated as we began filming was the story of this car as connective tissue for a family. It really speaks to what we try and do as filmmakers, and that’s to capture the joy of these classic cars.”

The ‘The Red Grifo’ is available at

The Red Grifo
2016 | directed by Guy Smith
Independent Documentary Short Film | 20 mins
The Red Grifo recounts a family’s multigenerational influence of a rare automobile that bore the signatures of automotive icons like Bizzarini and Giugiaro. Learn the unique history of a small, family-based, car company in Bresso that welded high Italian design together with American muscle to form one of the most desirable gran touring cars of all time.