Porsche Abarth Carrera GTL: From Stuttgart to Turin

Gallery (Amelia Island, Fl)

There were big smiles and congratulations all around for taking second in class at the 2015 Amelia Concours d’Elegance for this 1961 Porsche Abarth Carrera GTL that is part of the Ingram Collection.  Back in the early 1960’s Porsche commissioned Carlos Abarth, who was an Austrian living in Italy, to build twenty cars along with two prototypes for the competitive Group-B racing class.

We spoke with Bob Ingram after claiming the trophy at Amelia.  “It’s the only Porsche in history that was assembled outside of Germany, the bodies were built in Turin, the engine, transmission and the frame all came out of Stuttgart. They are unique and special cars and we estimate of the twenty original cars built that there’s 16 or 17 still surviving. We’re proud to be the care-takers.”


It’s the only Porsche in history that was assembled outside of Germany. – Bob Ingram
The Abarth Carrera is an aluminum bodied, light weight car powered by a 4-cam Porsche engine on a Porsche underline B-Frame chassis. Working with the Italian designer Zagato they created the first Abarth for Porsche.  That’s why one might mistake it as a later Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato II.

“The original owner of this Abarth Carerra GTL was a count in Sweden, a very good racing driver who entered it into 11 races and won each of the 11 races”.  He then retired the car.  It is believed to be the only one not wrecked or damaged in it’s racing career.

The car eventually went to Mr. Zembrano of Mexico until the Ingram Collection acquired the car in 2006.

“All original on the inside, the paint is the original color, our son and his team at Road Scholar Restorations freshened up the car but it’s arguably the most original of the Abarth’s still surviving. We were honored today to finish second in our class. We’re honored just to be invited and extremely honored to place second to a great Ferarri.”  Best in Class – Race Cars (1960 – 1990) at Amelia was awarded to  a 1965 Ferrari Dino 166P/206P from Salzburg, Austria.

“Every year we come the crowds are great, the quality of the field is incredible, and it’s a chance to see a lot friends. I think that is a wonderful part of this hobby, the cars are the stars, and you make some wonderful friendships through the cars”


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Photography by Matthew Emmer, story by Guy Smith.