1947 Ford Super DeLuxe Sportsman Convertible Woody

In the family…


In the early 1940’s American automobile factories were switched over to produce airplanes, tanks,and other machines to support the war effort.  After the Allied forces claimed victory, it took a few years for automakers to design and manufacture new cars which America was hungry for!

To meet the American appetite automakers like Ford would simply update pre-war models and add some special features to draw consumers to the showroom.  Ford created the Super DeLuxe Sportsman Convertible ‘Woody’.

What makes it unique is that it has stayed in the family all these years.

About thirty-nine hundred of the special Sportsman’s were built.  Today, nearly 65 years later, very few examples remain.

George Rock and his 1947 Ford Sportsman

George Rock and his 1947 Ford Sportsman

Here is a story of a one such 1947 Ford Super DeLuxe Sportsman Convertible Woody.  Bought new at Seller’s Ford dealership in Detroit Michigan by George Rock Sr., this Sportsman has been in the Rock family ever since.


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